Jazzy Arranging for Guitar w/ Kay Eskenazi

Sunday, July 9, 3:30-6:30 pm


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Enliven your guitar arrangements using jazz chords to harmonize vocals, maintain dynamism, punctuate rhythm, and create a compelling musical journey. Learn to analyze the harmonic structure of your songs. Understand how to select the best chord for each musical moment, and to color your chords with evocative tones.


We will begin with a brief review of chord arithmetic, and segue to a discussion of chord families and chord substitutions. We'll perform an in-depth Chord Function Analysis of a traditional jazz standard, identify the role performed by each chord, observe the chord substitutions, recognize the cadences, examine changes of key, and assess the journey from introduction to coda.


We will learn to play the song that we analyzed, and consider modifications to the arrangement.


After taking this workshop, participants will have new ideas for arranging the tunes they love to play.


Topics include chord substitutions, chord families, Chord Function Analysis, cadences, and chord coloring.

Activities include instructor presentation; question and answer; arranging a tune; learning to play a jazz tune.

Repertoire includes traditional Swing Jazz standards.

Materials Fee: Please be prepared to pay a $10 fee for workshop materials. Instructor will collect fee in class. Prerequisites: This workshop is best suited for guitarists who understand chord arithmetic and spelling; understand the meaning of 'Diatonic Chords' and 'Chord Function Analysis'; know most notes on the guitar fretboard; can play jazz chords. Although no specific class is required as a prerequisite, The Freight's 'Beginning Jazz Guitar' is adequate preparation.

For More Information: kayeskenazi@comcast.net

Instructor: Kay Eskenazi, J.D., Ph.D., has been playing guitar for more than fifty years. She teaches guitar at colleges music schools, music festivals, and music camps. Kay loves arranging for guitar, and exploring the process with other musicians.

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