Guitar II w/ Gabriel Olin

Wednesdays, 5:30-6:45 pm, beginning November 6
$120.00 advance / $130.00 after October 28
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In this course, the continuing beginner will further develop chords and strumming, as well as important techniques such as alternate picking, hammer-ons, and pull-offs, while increasing overall facility on the instrument. Students will learn to:

  • Play a new song using more chords and correct strumming technique
  • Play the 12-Bar Blues
  • Read music on the guitar on all six strings in first position
  • Improvise guitar solos using three popular scales

Note about placement: Those who have learned a couple of chords and want help making it sound like a song can start here. Students who have completed Guitar I are prepared for Guitar II.

Required for the class: a guitar, an electronic tuner, a pick, Alfred's Basic Guitar Method 1

These items can be purchased in Berkeley at The Starving Musician.

(Minimum class size 3 students.)

Gabe Olin has been teaching popular styles of guitar since 1990. His method focuses on strong foundations, good technique and helping each student become the kind of guitarist they want to be.

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