Catie Curtis
Saturday, September 20, 2014, 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)

intrepid and endearing folksinger & activist

$22 advance / $24 door

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September 20 8:00 pm

“Any fool can write a love-gone-wrong song,” says the Boston Globe. “It takes a real genius to write a love-gone-right one. No urban songwriter does that better than Catie Curtis.” Love gone right – it’s a tricky subject. There’s a risk of sounding naïve or trite, but Catie somehow manages to balance hard-earned experience with wonder, melding catchy melodic hooks with heartfelt vocals. “If I don’t kiss you now, I will never sleep again,” she sings in “Kiss That Counted,” which won a Boston Music Award for Song of the Year. Since she first started touring in 1995, she’s recorded 13 albums, including this year’s Flying Dream, which the website Freelance Folkie calls “insidiously good.” Many of the songs were written with Kristen Hall of Sugarland fame. “Kristen and I sat down to write shortly after I returned from a family trip to Guatemala, where my kids were born, and where we’d had a magical visit with the kids’ birth mothers and siblings,” Catie said in an American Songwriter interview. “I told Kristen the trip was like a dream, and I kept hoping it was real. We talked about the expression ‘Don’t look down in the flying dream,’ and decided to write from there.”

Catie’s original songs have been featured on several television shows, including Alias, Dawson's Creek, and Grey’s Anatomy. The New Yorker dubbed her “a folk-rock goddess.” Oh, and in 2010, she performed at the White House. Tonight she brings her inspiring music, high energy, and sparkling sense of humor to the Freight.

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