Trio Brasileiro, Berkeley Choro Ensemble, Choroloco

Berkeley Festival of Choro

Saturday, May 2, 2015, 8:00 pm
(doors open at 7:00pm)

$22 advance / $24 door

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May 02 8:00 pm

Choro, pronounced shore-oh, comes from the Portuguese verb chorar, which means to cry, but in Brazil, where the musical form originated in the late 1800s, it suggests a bursting of emotion, an overflowing, often of exhilaration and pure joy. Like ragtime and tango, it brings together many musical influences, blending  virtuosity, European dance forms—like polka and the waltz—and plaintive melodies with jazz improvisation, classical  harmonies, and the rhythms of Africa and Brazil. These days, choro is enjoying a renaissance not only in Brazil but around the world, and the wave of enthusiasm has definitely reached Berkeley, where the Freight is proud to host our second ever Festival of Choro, featuring Trio Brasileiro, the Berkeley Choro Ensemble, and Choroloco!

If you’re interested in playing choro yourself, you’re invited to take a lesson on Brazilian mandolin, seven string guitar, or pandeiro. See for more information on jam sessions and workshops.  
The Seattle-based band Choroloco, with Rosalynn De Roos on clarinet, Stuart Zobel on seven-string guitar, Naoyuki Sawada on cavaquinho, and Brandi Ledferd on percussion, will play in the lobby starting at 7:00 p.m.


Trio BrasileroTrio Brasileeiro features the celebrated guitarist Douglas Lora, mandolin master Dudu Maia, and the amazing percussionist Alexandre Lora. These three stellar musicians play with stunning virtuosity, and they make it look easy and fun. The sound is irresistible, a soul-stirring groove that elaborates the intricate melodies with subtlety and verve. The website The Musical Box called their first album, Simples Assim, recorded with Israeli clarinetist Anat Cohen, “beautiful and uplifting,” and praised it as “a ballet of summery string melodies played at lightning speed, although the music never sounded hurried.” Simples Assim means, roughly, “it’s just that simple.”


Berkeley Choro EnsembleThe Berkeley Choro Ensemble includes Jane Lenoir on flute, Harvey Wainapel on clarinet, Ricardo Peixoto on guitar, and Brian Rice on pandeiro. These four world-class musicians celebrate the music, culture, and history of Brazil, with a repertoire that includes samba, bossa nova, jazz, and a special focus on choro.







ChorolocoChoroloco is a Seattle-based band featuring Rosalynn De Roos on clarinet, Stuart Zobel on seven-string guitar, Naoyuki Sawada on cavaquinho, and Brandi Ledferd on percussion.





visit the Berkeley Choro Ensemble website

visit the Trio Brasilero website

visit the Berkeley Festival of Choro Facebook page


Trio Brasilero photo by Nancy Adler

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