Australian Bebop Ragas
Friday, November 18, 2011, 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)Teed Rockwell, Touchstyle Veena, and Stephen Kent, Didgeridu with Ian Dogole, World Jazz drums, and Vishal Nagar, Tabla $22.50 advance / $24.50 at doorPurchase tickets online
November 18 8:00 pm

Stephen Kent

As its name suggests, this performance weaves together intriguing elements from far-flung corners of the globe to create an adventurous evening's listening. Didjeridu maestro Stephen Kent and touchstyle veena player Teed Rockwell are joined by jazz/world fusion drummer Ian Dogole and tabla virtuoso Vishal Nagar to knock our socks off! 

A world traveler and true musical adventurer, Stephen has been playing the "didj" for more than two decades. One of the pioneering innovators in the modern world of the didjeridu, he has founded groups like Trance Mission and Beasts of Paradise, and has taken part in any number of cross-pollinated, multi-cultural endeavors with musicians from all over the world, from Tuvan throat singers to bagpipers to Rajastani flautists. 

Teed Rockwell

Teed has spent the past 30 years playing many forms of world music on the touchstyle veena—a guitar-like instrument which one plays by tapping the strings with the fingertips. Having studied extensively with Hindustani classical music masters including Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Ustad Shahid Parvez, Teed has long been developing a style which adapts the Hindustani ragas of Northern India to this contemporary instrument.


Ian DogoleVishal NagarIan has spent the past three decades making global fusion music as a multi-percussionist, bandleader, and educator, and through collaborating with musicians such as Hamza el Din, Paul McCandless, and Tito La Rosa. Performing since the age of eight, Vishal Nagar has been praised in the Indian press for his unique combination of melodic tabla sound production and a masterful command of rhythm; he recently performed with Ghanaian guitarist Koo Nimo in Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD Festival.  


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